You are not the drop in the ocean,
you are the entire ocean in a drop.

In Gratitude…

We are deeply grateful for the support from the Wardens of KGBV/JBAV schools, District Education Officers, District Collectors and State level Officers at the JEPC (Jharkhand Education Project Council)

Once again, with deep gratitude we thank all
the people who saw potential in our work and trusted us.


Parle Biscuits Pvt Ltd
SNL Bearing Ltd

Foster Foundation
Mohan Shah Foundation Trust
Pravin Chotalal Shah Charitable Trust
Sanjeevani Trust
Marcellus Investment Managers Private Limited
CMS Infosystems Limited
A to Z Spares

Fluid Control Private Limited
Aptech Limited
Trio Jewels Pvt. Ltd.

Gandhi & Associates LLP
Hem and Lynette Agarwal
ADCL-FAFECO Engineering Private Limited
Adolescent Health Champions Inc
Hemang and Sejal Desai


Ujwal Thaker, Ramya Rajgopalan and Shridhar Sethuraman from Ujwal Impact Advisors

Drishti Team
Whiteboard members

Your Donations will go a long way

Your gracious and generous choices
have allowed us to learn, grow and catalyze change.

We appeal to you all to donate,
connect us to friends, and help effect change
in some of India’s neediest districts!