Sashakti Fellowship

Knowledge and awareness are retained through participation and relevance, skills built through courage and practice. We realize that sustainable change in attitudes takes time. Attitudes cannot be taught through activities, they have to be demonstrated through “being”.

Addressing issues close to the minds and hearts of adolescent girls the Sashakti fellows (our fellowship program for KGBV Alumni young women) demonstrate empowering attitudes- through their confidence, grit, resilience, and care. They are sources of relatable inspiration for girls in KGBV schools and communities.

The journey of empowerment for a young girl begins by ensuring her enrolment in school.

At the KGBVs we find girls blossom into young women as they complete their grade 12 and graduate from the school.
The education experiences they go through are the initial tentative steps on a long journey of empowerment that often gets interrupted once they graduate from the KGBV.

We believe that empowerment of girls is a continuous endeavour that needs to encompass the wider components of life outside school.

Sashakti, our fellowship program aims to increase knowledge, build skills and positively change attitudes of young women so they emerge as leaders in their communities and contribute to the development of others.

What is Sashakti Fellowship Program?

What is Sashakti?

  • A fellowship program 
  • A class 12 graduate from KGBV
  • Selected for commitment and openness to learning

Why Sashakti?

  • To empower girls
  • To develop local resources
  • To create role models in the community
  • To ensure last mile connectivity between girls, schools and communities

What will a Sashakti Fellow do?

  • Facilitate education delivery at the last mile- at KGBV, communities and schools