Systemic Replicable,
Transformative change

An integrated ecosystem approach that
communicates with all the stakeholders
to catalyse district education systems,
create model KGBVs and empower
adolescent girls in rural areas.

Our Approach

Ugam – a beginning, rising upwards.
Ugam’s approach is to create systemic solutions to some of the most intractable problems in India.
We look at a paradigm shift in thinking of solutions in three ways:

From blaming to engaging

we believe that our collective growth depends on each one of us taking the initiative to engage and act

From investing in the problem to investing in the people

we know that children and classrooms will /can change only when we see teachers as catalysts who change themselves and their environment through reflective practice

From creating parallel pathways to strengthening the system

we seek and create innovative ways of harnessing and focusing the energies of existing systems