KGBV, a girl?

Jul 7, 2020Jharkhand, Stories from the Field

KGBV, a girl?

Jul 7, 2020 | Jharkhand, Stories from the Field

I am sure you have heard this before—where there’s a will there’ s a way!

This line came to life for us when Ugam facilitated the District Virtual Workshop for all KGBV wardens and teachers in East Singhbhum.

Convened under the dynamic leadership of Binduji all the wardens and full time teachers were part of the first virtual meeting/workshop. We, at Ugam were very excited and happy to see all the wardens and teachers after a couple of months. 30 wardens and teachers joined the virtual workshop from some remote blocks as well- Dumaria, Dhalbhumgarh, Bahragoda!
We asked the wardens to reflect on their KGBVs and identify one core quality that stands out for their KGBV. We then suggested they rename their KGBV such that the new name reflect the quality.

We had a flurry of names on the Zoom meeting—Akanksha, Snehi, Prayas, Jyoti Sagar, Srijan, Ujwal, Vikhyat, Abhiyan, Prerna among others!

An active and animated discussion was led by Binduji on how can we reach more disadvantaged girls and support them. The first initiative to roll out is a virtual staff meetings inn KGBVs!

Ugam feels proud and excited to facilitate the virtual workshop and we look forward to more of these!