Menstruation: Let’s talk about it!

Feb 18, 2019Stories from the Field

Menstruation: Let’s talk about it!

Feb 18, 2019 | Stories from the Field

One warm Saturday evening in April the girls at Vishnugarh KGBV were surprised at the session in the evening assembly.

The girls giggled, felt awkward and embarrassed as the teachers broached the topic of Menstruation.

The teachers had decided to tackle the culture of shame around menstruation. From planning, designing to execution each and every process was managed by the warden and teachers with the constant support from Team Ugam.

As our baseline progressed we found out that the girls and teachers had very limited awareness about Menstruation. We screened “Period: end of sentence” movie for the warden and full time teachers at the school. The movie screening involved intimate discussions by pausing at crucial moments in the film.

At Vishnugarh KGBV, teachers took a lot of time to open up about their feelings and emotions.

What happens because of this shame culture?

And lastly how at school, by coming together we can stop this?

Nisha is a girl from class 9th. Nisha shared with our facilitator, that she liked writing the pre test and then the session. When the facilitator asked her the reason she said that no one talks about these things but it was a good feeling to write about her experience.