It was a class like any other. Lopa, from Ugam was teaching how to write an essay to class 12 girls in Ghatshila KGBV. She asked the girls to share what topic should they start with in the class. The girls promptly said—Crimes Against Women. Neither the girls nor the teacher had realized where this discussion would take them and how english essay writing may become a topic on the sidelines as the class progressed.

The class started with some very basic questions—what is a crime? Why is the title crimes and not crime?, why do we need a topic like Crimes Against Women?

Moving on, when asked – which are most frequent crimes against women? The girls shared witch hunting. Certainly, the girls were not using statistics and data for their answers but their real-life experiences spoke through the answer. Suddenly, the rural realities of the girls life came to the forefront.

With each subsequent question and more importantly the answers ,the class descended into a deep, thoughtful quietude, each person reflecting on her own questions and answers.
The clock ticked, the bell rang and the class dispersed. Of course the vocabulary and essay writing structures were completed.